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Asp.Net PDF Viewer Control – Webforms MVC .NET Core

Asp.Net MVC Ajax Acrobat PDF Viewer Control

Best Asp.Net PDF Viewer Control to view PDF documents online right from your mvc webforms and .net core website

PDF is a famous document format. Widely used by lots of companies and individuals for resume, manuals, help, brochures, catalogs etc. If you are planning to have a viewing function for PDF documents online from then Doconut, an pdf viewer control can really be useful. You will not need any Adobe Acrobat plugin installed on the browser. It works from internet explorer, chrome, firefox, safari, opera and all modern browsers that support HTML5. It is not mandatory to have HTML5 as our pdf. The viewer control uses jQuery, HTML and CSS to render the PDF documents on your desktop or mobile browsers.

It loads big and lengthy PDF documents very quickly, thanks to its on-demand loading technique. The PDF document pages get loaded only when requested by user as he or she scrolls down the viewer. The PDF viewing is very secured and it can view password protected documents easily. There is also an annotations module along with search function available in our mvc webforms and .net core pdf viewer control. You can add various shapes, texts, images overlay on the PDF document right from your web browser. It is Ajax based page loading. Shows a animated spinner gif for better user experience. You can also zoom in-out the pages, rotate etc.

There are many PDF viewer control libraries available in the market, but they are very costly and require a dedicated server for setup. Our control is very light weight and works on shared hosting providers. The license model is very simple and there are no run-time or developer seat license required. There is option for royalty free distribution available.

Doconut is the best core pdf viewer, you can also use it as an mvc pdf viewer control or a webforms pdf viewer library that works with .net 4+, mvc and .net core 2.0 or higher.

You can buy a single domain (Professional) license, multiple domain (Enterprise license) or a Distribution (Royalty free) license. For more details on our Asp.Net PDF Viewer Control please visit Doconut.